If this sounds familiar…


Wake up to an alarm clock…or a child needing attention.  Stumble to the kitchen to start a cup of coffee.  Your morning is a blur of rushing to feed kids and get everyone ready for the days activities.  You may or may not have had time to eat this morning so you grab a granola bar to eat in the car with another cup of coffee.

You are finally starting to feel awake since that caffeine has hit. But after lunch… (continue reading)



I forgot to thank you for how helpful your food attitude advice has been to me (focus on enjoying my food, taste my food and see if I really like it, pay attention while I eat and see what my thoughts are).  This has been so freeing for me! I have been to two dietitians and a therapist and none of them shared something so simple, yet so mind changing!  Thank you so much!


K. C.

I just wanted to thank you for all you have done to help guide, direct and encourage me on my health journey. You really listened and heard what my body was trying to say even when I didn’t know what it was!  My mom and I agree that you have been one of the most helpful people on my journey to wellness. Your research, recommendations and even friendship have been invaluable! You have definitely gone above and beyond and I’d gladly recommend you to anyone looking to find the roos issues of their health problems and regain their health!

Kyra. D.

I started working with Lydia in February 2021. When I first came to her I was a complete mess! I was so adrenal fatigued that it was hard for me to shower, or walk to my sink to brush my teeth without being completely exhausted!! When I would stand up I would be so dizzy & the room would go black for a few seconds. There’s MANY reasons why I came to Lydia, & I am proud to say that I don’t struggle with any of the symptoms mentioned above anymore. I have come so far & I thank Lydia for her help & the plan that she put me on.


“I have been working with Lydia for just over 2 months and I am so blown away at the changes in my health. I have been struggling with adrenal fatigue which included extreme fatigue, major brain fog, and also massive bloating. I am a huge health advocate and I am constantly learning everything I can but I just couldn’t seem to help myself feel better so I was reluctant to pay someone else to help me but man am I happy I did!

The hair mineral test revealed really interesting info so that Lydia could make a personalized plan for me and within weeks I saw a huge difference. I certainly have to stick to my nutrition plan to feel good, and when I do my energy is insanely better! My brain fog is starting to lift and I also have changed so much of my mindset and released mental blocks around health and wellness. I am so happy to have chosen to work with Lydia and it might just have inspired me to go to NTP school once I have the mental clarity for it so I can help others as well!”

-Kayla L.

“Journey to Abundant Heath has immensely helped me with my nutrition. My main concerns were getting my body nutritionally ready to have a baby, getting my energy level up, and losing weight. In the few months I’ve been working with Lydia, I have seen improvement in all three areas AND several areas I didn’t expect!

First, my physical countenance changed. My face went from being flushed and having zit outbreaks to being clear and clean. Also, while traveling for Christmas this year, I didn’t come down with anything, flu, cold, or cough, for the first time in several years. My weight has been slowly and steadily decreasing (even during the Christmas season!). Lastly, my energy has dramatically improved. Before, I relied on coffee and eating every 2-3 hours to get through the day. Now I have the energy to keep up with my toddler, can go 4-5 hours without eating (and even then I don’t get shaky or low on energy, just hungry), and still enjoy drinking coffee, but have sometimes forgotten to finish it, because I’m no longer relying on it!!!

Thank you, Lydia, for all the personal work you did and are doing to help me feel and be my best!!!”

-Susanna Dean

“I had experienced a number of frustrations regarding my health before I met Lydia.  When she invited me to try a nutritional therapy consult with her I was skeptical because I had good eating habits.  I learned that when we aren’t feeling good there is an imbalance in the body that can be corrected when we take the right supplements.  I immediately noticed improvements. Most doctors never suggest, for example, that with the right supplements you won’t have dry skin anymore. I suggest a Nutritional Therapy consult with Lydia to provide new insight into your body and a sense of empowerment.”

– Hope R.