Does this sound familiar?
Wake up to an alarm clock…or a child needing attention.  Stumble to the kitchen to start a cup of coffee.  Your morning is a blur of rushing to feed kids and get everyone ready for the days’ activities.  You may or may not have had time to eat this morning so you grab a granola bar to eat in the car with another cup of coffee.


You are finally starting to feel awake since that caffeine has hit. But after lunch, you hit that afternoon slump and struggle to keep your eyes open, forget trying to be productive!  You grab a piece (or two..who’s counting?) of chocolate and another cup of coffee. That gives you a bit of a boost and you can now make it to dinner.



Oh no…Dinner!


What should I make?


You want to eat healthier because you’ve been noticing that your jeans are getting tight again and you just don’t feel like you used to.  But there is so much conflicting information you’ve been getting!  Your best friend is doing keto and lost a lot of weight and looks great!


But your doctor tells you that you need to be careful not to eat too much fat because of the cholesterol issues in your family.  You could try Paleo, but you don’t want to eat So. MUCH. Meat!  Plus that quiz that you took online says you have a leaky gut so maybe you need to try the GAPS diet and see if you feel better.  Or your sister in law has gotten into selling those shakes so maybe if you do that you’ll feel better and be able to eat whatever you want for the other meals of the day.  Well, everything except carbs because carbs are EVIL!!!


Sound familiar?


There are so many different ideas of what healthy is that it can make a persons head spin!

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There is no “one rule fits all approach.”


That’s why some people do great on Keto and others can barely lift their heads off the pillow.  Some lose weight on shakes and others (like me!) gain weight!


Would you like to have the guesswork taken out of your life and know what is going to support your unique body best?

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