Hello, my name is Lydia Barrett

and I know from experience how hard it can be to go from feeling “fine,” to (seemingly) all of a sudden having pain, brain fog, bloating, lack of energy and feeling like my best life was a thing of the past.

My Story (from pain to vibrant health)

I’ve always had a desire for people to live their best life and feel good in their body.  I pursued massage therapy as a way to help peoples aches and pains, and while I was going to school, found that there are things people could do to prevent those things in the first place!

I decided to further my education and received a certificate in personal training as a way to help educate my massage clients about how they could prevent some of those issues by strengthening different areas of their body. Which was all great…until, even with my background, I started having issues.  I began to gain weight no matter what I ate. My body started to hurt all over, even laying in a bed hurt! If someone poked me it felt like they just touched a bruise and would throb for minutes afterward.   Why?  Chronic and full body inflammation!

All of that led me to dive deeper into a fundamental piece of health- NUTRITION.  I found that when you balance your body through working on the foundations of health, you start to feel so much better.  When you couple the foundations, with a personalized approach  (by finding  what your own mineral deficiency are and correcting them) you have a POWERFUL approach to helping you  feel vibrant!

As I worked on the foundations and started a personalized protocol to help balance my minerals I started seeing improvements in my energy, weight and mood.

My aches and pains disappeared. Brain fog-gone. Moodiness- a thing of the past.   I have energy and zeal for life.  I can get down and play with my kids on the floor without aches and pains.


Curious about my personal life?


  •  to read books (I love fiction but if you see me you’ll find I can have my nose in anything!).
  • traveling (we spent a year in an RV and I look forward to my husband retiring so we can do that again!),
  • hiking
  • riding motorcycle
  • spending time in the desert (because I can’t get enough sun!!). 
  • small churches
  • adventure (hello skydiving!)
  • late nights talks around the campfire with my hubby

I also am a recovering chocoholic and I can’t seem to help my compulsion to sign up for more continuing education (because I want to know EVERYTHING!)

I’m passionate about working with people on their health because without health who has the energy to enjoy life?!


If you are feeling tired, discouraged about where to start in terms of your health, thinking “there’s got to be more to life than this”, I’d love to work with you on your health and show you that you to CAN feel better!


2021 – Functional Hormone Specialist
2021 – Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist
2017 – Holistic Mineral Balancing (HTMA)
2013 – Healing Touch Certificate Level 1-2
2011 – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
2009 – Certified Healing Food Specialist
2008 – Personal Training Certificate
2008 – Licensed Massage Therapist

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